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Contact Information

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Coordinator / Planner Name
Coordinator / Planner Phone Number
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Name of Venue

Please list the details of the location or building in which the event is taking place. i.e Radisson Hotel Banquet Room, 2nd floor, no elevator present.

Venue/Event Address

Venue Phone Number
Event Day Contact Person

Please include the contact name and details for the person in charge of setting up and coordinating the event. (So we know where to go and where to setup at the venue)

Event Details

DISCLAIMER: The Photo Booths use several types of electronics. In the very rare instance when a device or software should fail, we can still take pictures.   It is simply not feasible for us to provide backup of all of the equipment at every event.  If any equipment should fail, after the event, you will still get all the printed pictures, digital print files and original pictures.  We will help to organize the prints and you can send out strips with your thank you's to your guests.  We can also still post them online so everyone can still view and share them as well.  Just be aware that it is very rare for something to malfunction, but it is out of our control if it does.

We have a "NO DROP" and "NO WIND" policy for ALL of our equipment.  If it is dripping, raining or windy at any level it can wreck nearly any piece of our equipment.  We CAN'T take any chances.  If rain occurs or it gets windy during any part of an event, we must shut down immediately no matter what!  If we are completely protected by a shelter then we are safe of course.

Guest Arrival Time?
Cocktail Start Time?
Dinner Start Time?
Dance Start Time?
Where Should We Setup The Booth?

It works best to have the booth in the same room as the rest of the activities or dance. if it is not in the same room some people never use the booth and may not know it is event there. If we are Ding as well, we like to have the booth near the dance floor to keep people involved with both activities - DJ and photo booth.

What Type of Floor Will We Be Setup On?

We just want to know if we will be on carpet or wood floor, etc?

What Time Should We Setup?

We like about an hour and a half to setup. If it is ok with you and we aren't in the way, we can set up during the meal or other activities.

What Time Should We Open The Booth?

We typically run the booth at the beginning of the dance (or right after any first dances, etc) if there is a dance.

Hours of Operation?

If you want to split time that the booth is open, please indicate it. Example: Open from 6-7pm, then open from 8-10pm. Having the booth open during social / cocktail time can be very hit or miss. Sometimes it works great and other times no one uses it at all. Split time must be reasonable. At most 2 hours of downtime between sessions.

How Would You Like the Attendant to Dress?
A suite or formal button up shirt with tie or bow tie. Female: A dress or business suit style outfit.

 Semi Formal 
Polo, Dress Pants and Dress Shoes.

Still looks nice, but can wear shorts/jeans and tennis shoes.

Number of Guests?
Will Alcohol Be Served?

Booth & Photo Options

Do You Want to Use Props?
(hats, wigs, glasses, etc)

We include props for free.

Would You Like all the Photos to be
Uploaded to our Website?
(It is an extra $50)


We can post the pictures so all your guests can see the pictures, download or share them if they want to. They will be posted here.

Would You Like a USB Drive With All The Hi Res Photos on it?

Do You Want an Album/Scrap Book?

Use WedPhoria's or Do you have your Own?

Currently, we only provide
wedding themed scrapbooks.

 WedPhoria's Scrapbook 
 We are providing our own Scrapbook 

IF you provide your own scrapbook, we do not provide supplies; PENS, GLUE STICKS or TAPE IF NEEDED!

Our scrapbooks are 8x8 inches. 10 pages (20 sides) are included with the scrap book.  Pages are white and have sheet protectors.  We include silver markers and 2 sided tape IF you use our scrap book.

Please Describe How You Want The
Scrapbook Put Together:

Please Explain: if you want 1 picture put in the book and a copy to go to each guest; how will the pictures be put into the book; do you want the guests to write a message in the scrap book?

NOTE: The Photo Booth attendant is sometimes very busy, it is helpful if you want every guest to put a strip or print in the scrap book, to have a sign or a sample so people know what to do.   The attendant tries to tell each group what is going on, but sometimes it is too hectic to do so.

Please Choose a Print Option:
 Classic Strips 2"x 6" (2 strips on each 4x6 print)
 Other, Please Contact Me


Photo Booth Sample Size

With this option, each group will get a 4"x 6" print that can be cut down to two strips. Final cut-down picture size is 2"x 6". We will print extra 4"x 6" prints if needed for a scrapbook and to make sure each guest gets a strip to take home with them.

Custom Text:

What would you like on the bottom of the prints?  Many Choose Name(s) and date or event name.

Custom Photo Booth Text Personalization

Please Choose a Font You'd Like:

Custom Text Color:

What would you like the color of the text to be on the bottom of the prints?

Print Background Color:

What would you like the background color to be? It can be any color... white is traditional.

Add-Ons You Want:

There is a fee for the add-ons, please explain and list above if you would like something.  Click here to view add-ons.

Post Pics to Our Facebook Page?



(This way you can share with all your guests so they can see them all. We also hand out cards at the event so people know where to view the pics.)

Pics are posted here:

facebook iconLike Us / Follow Us so we can connect.

Additional Info

Will Tables Be Provided for Us?

You should provide a table if your guests will be putting pictures in an scrap book/album, so they have a place to put the pics in the book/album. 

We also would like a small table for people to set their drinks on before entering the booth if applicable.

Other Notes & Comments: 

WedPhoria Needs & Requirements

Tables With Skirt & Chair:

We prefer a table be provided, a 4 foot table with skirt to match the rest of the decor is idea for guests to cut and prep their photos, scrap book, etc. If a table cannot be provided, please let us know so we bring one with us.

In addition, it works great to have a small cocktail table near the booth so guests can set their drinks on before going into the booth.

A chair is also nice so the person running the booth can rest during any down time.


We prefer an area of about 12'-18' wide by 9'-10' deep. We like to be setup in the main room and near the stage/entertainment if possible. We need about 8' x 10' for the booth itself and would like almost the same amount of room for a table and guests to collect, cut and manage pictures.  ALSO, many times there is a line with people waiting to get into the booth so consider that when planning the location for the booth.

A full outlet (two plug-ins) is a must in most cases. The booth may have issues if it is not running on it's own breaker. We also need a 110v outlet (typical outlet), we do not have converters for a 220v outlet.

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